Based on the Oscar winning film, 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Musical' tells the story of three drag performers who set off from Sydney across the Australian desert in a battered old bus, christened Priscilla. The show contains over 20 classic disco hits such as I Will Survive and I Love The Nightlife.

Norwegian Cruise Line is committed to raising the bar on what can be expected from at-sea entertainment. We can and do deliver A-list productions with amazing directors like Helpmann Award winning Dean Bryant, with competitive salaries and professional working environments (and of course, the bonus of cruising to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations!). It’s an exciting time to become a part of the Norwegian family. Norwegian Epic is the ship of choice for those sailing on a Mediterranean cruise or one of our many Caribbean cruises. Norwegian Epic is offering world-class performers and a new wave of accommodations – from Studios, designed and priced for the solo traveler, to the private Haven.

Norwegian Epic has taken having fun to the next level with a huge, multi-slide Aqua Park, a two-story Sports Complex with rock climbing and basketball court, and a fitness centre complete with boxercise ring. Add more than 20 different dining options and you’ll understand why this is Freestyle Cruising on a truly grand scale.

Please note the music in 'Priscilla' is written in the contemporary style of the 70’s and 80’s. Vocal gymnastics, embellishments and improvisation are not a requirement. The Musical Director wants to hear a clear contemporary tone and a natural uncontrived pop/contemporary vocal approach to the songs.


BERNADETTE - Lead | Male | 35-55

Description: Outstanding straight acting, dance, singing (range adaptable) and lip-synching ability essential. A quietly dignified transsexual who must be convincing as an older woman who was once the star performer of ‘Les Girls’. The mother of the group, Bernadette is glamorous, oozing Old Hollywood charm with rapier wit and sensitivity. Must be able to be convincing and touching in her attraction and growing relationship with Bob. Leading Role (played in film by Terence Stamp).

Fees & Agreements: Union/Non Union Pay Rates: US$1100/wk

MITZI/TICK - Lead | Male | 30-45

Description: 30s to early 40s male. Outstanding straight acting, dance, singing (baritone – tenor) and lip-synching ability essential. With an unremarkable and essentially straight exterior, Tick is a discontented drag queen, the best in the business. Estranged husband of Marion and absent father to 8 year old Benjamin, his journey from disillusionment to fulfIlment through being reunited with his son is the central core of the story. Leading Role (played in film by Hugo Weaving)

Fees & Agreements: Union/Non Union Pay Rates: US$1100/wk

ADAM/FELICIA - Lead | Male | 20-29

Description: Very well maintained physical features with outstanding character acting, dance, singing (tenor) and lip-synching ability essential. A flashy, young drag queen and born performer with a more than occasional bitchy streak. Provocative and outspoken he has a tendency to get himself into trouble with both friends and complete strangers. Will also cover the male singer for Burn The Floor. Leading Role (role played in film by Guy Pearce)

Fees & Agreements: Union/Non Union Pay Rates: US$1100/wk

THE DIVAS - Supporting | Female | 20-29

Description: Sassy and strong, these women lead us through some of the greatest hits of the last decades. All shapes and sizes welcome – but brilliant vocalists in the disco-belt style a must. Will also be part of the female ensemble as well as cover the female singer for Burn The Floor.

Fees & Agreements: Union/Non Union Pay Rates: US$850/wk

BOB - Supporting | Male | 60-60

Description: Strong acting ability with one song. A mechanic. Typical laconic attitude, soft hearted Aussie bloke who spent years wandering around the world only to find he was better off where he started. Has a fascination with Bernadette whom he saw perform in ‘Les Girls’ in Sydney more than twenty years ago.

Fees & Agreements: Union/Non Union Pay Rates: US$850/wk

Must be 18 years old to apply.